Skill is better than strength. When you’re looking to navigate between a snowy patch or treacherous landscape, you’ve got to have a solid bike. From providing you comfort to easily helping you manoeuvre, the custom designed frame with a narrow Q factor which makes it more agile than a fat bike and more capable than a regular MTB. Probably the strongest of the lot, the Vatange is designed to push limits and set benchmarks for what is to become a trend in the biking space.
Its wider patch on the ground allows you to complete those tough terrains giving you enough confidence to take out the best in you. A bike speaks volumes about its rider and in more ways than one defines persona. It is intended to showcase the riders navigating skills. With its light weight, rugged suspension with alloy crown and titanium finished stanchions give you an inspiring ride, no matter how hard the trails are.
For those born with skill.