10 Ways to incorporate cycling in your daily life

  • India is projected to dominate the growth in the working-age population in Asia Pacific by 2050, becoming home to over a billion people eligible to enter the job market, a UN report has said.
  • The average Indian working professional is spending close to 11 hours a day at work
  • More than 40% of the working class population spends more than an hour travelling to work, while 60% reach their work places in 30 minutes

With a schedule so irregular, it’s difficult to expect a working professional to opt for a physical exercise regimen. No wonder that increasingly, fitness has gotten a whole lot creative. While traditional forms would keep a workout limited to the gym, our schedules have forced inventions including – Power Garba workout. Amidst all the clutter that’s out there, there’s a forgotten pursuit, one that combines physical activity with mental peace – CYCLING.

Cycling comes with its own set of advantages. One among the many is the fact that you can incorporate cycling into your daily routine almost effortlessly. Here’s how:

  1. Ride to work: With all those hours spent around a daily commute, all those auto rickshaw rejections and traffic snarls, riding to work is probably your safest bet. Without contributing to the growing pollution levels, if your work place is just a stones throw away, ditch your car, public transport or your bike for a cycle
  2. Run errands: If you’re not someone who would prefer riding to work, you could opt for it over the weekend while you run the errands. Hop on to the cycle and ride to your nearest market
  3. Family time: A family that rides together stays together. You can always encourage cycling amongst your family members and help them realize the benefits of a healthy and active living
  4. Networking: Cycling clubs are on the rise across the country. Joining a cycling club for leisure or as a serious consideration would mean meeting likeminded people and expanding your social circle
  5. Workout: If you like us are finding ways to ditch the gym but still wish to shed those extra killos or build muscle, add cycling to your schedule. Even a couple of kilometers of riding a day will ensure you sweat it out and burn the piling fat
  6. Discover a new place: Who said you need to spend thousands to find solace and adventure. Ride a trail and you’ll experience complete tranquility, feeling almost one with nature. Cycling is the best way to explore newer locations in the city. It ensures you have a first hand experience without having to worry about parking
  7. Support a cause: Remember that annual charity that you planned on supporting, maybe you could cycle for it rather than just donate your money. A number of charities across the country host cyclothons or simple fellowship cycle rides to raise awareness about the cause they stand for. Participating in one will not just help you do some good for society but will also ensure you meet individuals contributing on a larger scale. You never know what synergies match where.
  8. Volunteer at a bike shop: If you are passionate about cycling and especially love the engineering side of it, then you could consider volunteering at the nearest bike shop. Every bike shop is looking for riders who speak about cycling more passionately to help spread the word about the benefits associated with it. You could just be a great addition.
  9. Drive the insomnia away: If you suffer from sleep deprivation, 30 minutes on the bike will enable you to get that good night’s sleep much faster! It’s scientifically proven as well.
  10. Support cycling related startups : Over and above all the above, you could put your skill to a much greater use. A number of cycle companies like us need support of varied kind – from social media, to content writing and even sales. It’s always great to have more hands onboard to help educate and inform the masses about the products that the cycle company has on offer and the benefits of effective use of the same.


You’ll be joining a gang that’s creating a revolution, a stir. One that is focused on personal development as much as it is on the development of the mind.

A great man once quoted, “The bicycle is a solution to some of the world’s greatest problems.”

Carpe Diem!

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