5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Fat Bike Yours

For the unacquainted, a fat bike is an off road cycle with oversized tyres of typically 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.6 in (66 mm) or wider. While earlier versions of the fat bike were built in very limited proportions, the modern versions demand has grown leaps and bounds after the Alaskans popularized it as a bike that rode smoothly in contact with the snow. But that’s not all, the fat bike with its superior frame and grip make the bike apt for drastic road and weather conditions ranging from sand to treacherous rocky roads.

So, you get it why an Alaskan would find it useful, but what utility would it be to a city dweller, you may wonder. We propagate getting onto a fat bike before giving your verdict on it. While we could list a thousand reasons why you should ditch all bikes to make the fat girl your baby, here’s some that made us true advocates of the fat bike.

  1. All terrain ride: Sand, rocks, snow and even Pot Holes! The wide tyres of the bike ensure a comfortable ride and the suspension almost makes your forget that you’re riding a rocky or uneven terrain. The tyres do a fine job irrespective of the conditions – weather or terrain, that you may throw towards it. It can sail through gnarly roads like it is nothing. The elasticity of the rubber helps absorb the shock. And no, we aren’t kidding you. The beauty of the bikes lie in its muscled tyres.
  1. No reason for a season: While the bikes were originally meant for the winter snow, it’s usage across the globe ensured that experienced bikers pushed the bike to perform irrespective of the weather condition. Come rain, come shine!
  2. The power factor: Power feels good. It feels better when it is commanded. The built, the frame, the superior tyres ensure a path specifically paved for the fat bike. No other bike will make heads turn like this one, making you feel like you’re the king of the road.
  3. It’s comfortable: Fat tires don’t need to be inflated very much, as they provide high comfort standards at lower tire pressure. The pressure fat tires can support, can go as low as 12 to 15 psi. While non bikers would assume that the structure of the bike would inevitably tire the rider, most bikers who’ve taken to the fat bike have proclaimed the fact that they feel the most comfortable riding the fat bike.
  1. It’s fun: It is true that the fat bike is not meant for the one seeking speed and thrill. They aren’t built with the intention to manoeuvre at faster speeds. However, if you’re the one who prefers to ditch the adrenaline rush and instead opt to go out for a spin, taking in sights, the fat bike could be your joy ride partner, helping you explore local trails. We do believe it is bringing the fun back in riding.

It’s no wonder that the bike has whole competition dedicated to it. Our trust lies in the fat bike, not just because of the reasons we’ve listed above. We realize the importance of safety in city living and believe that the fat bike riders have very low chances of meeting with road accidents.

So go on, ride one. Having the rocks, pot holes and those annoying city roads disappear while you ride along, may just make you fall in love with the fat bike.

If you’d like to know more or need help making that purchase decision, feel free to write to us on info@fittripbikes.com