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FitTrip lives by one rule “Build. Ride. Own the road”. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. Looking back at the FitTrip journey, it has been one of high steps, treacherous mountains and steep trails. Every day is unlike the other as is every product that hits the mountains from the Fittrip doors. 

Since its inception FitTrip has attempted to produce bikes of the finest quality, displaying highest standards of performance and thoughtfully designed exterior. Over the year our product range has diversified but our ideology remains rooted. Bikes will soon take the fitness world by storm and we have constantly endeavored to participate in this change.

FitTrip’s humble journey reflects the toil of a bunch of engineers and product designers, all focused on one goal – to produce the toughest fat bike this country has seen. With every new product FitTrip has aimed to set benchmarks, one higher than the other. We’ve tested mechanisms and toughened our bikes to meet the requirements of even the most difficult terrain. We constantly endeavour to make a difference in the biking scene and have vowed to not rest until every street, every mountain has been conquered! 

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