#SummerBod #FatCycle

Come summers and all that is on everyone’s mind is achieving that perfect summer body. We all want to hit the beach and look our perfect selves while surfing the waves. However, what we end up doing is waiting until the winters have receded to join the gym. In the enthusiasm to meet our new year goals, we sign up for a membership which like most others, remains just another entry in our bank statement.  Most enthu gym goers complain of lethargy as their reason for eventually dropping out. While the body remains a dream, the work towards getting there seems nothing short of a task.

For those who are not fans of a confined space with jarring music, the open is where you’d like to run to. The muscle, the abs, the toned legs as a result of a ride in the mountains is no longer just fancy in theory. Fat bikes make it achievable and way more fun.

The Fat Bike has a stout structure with broadened tyres which makes it completely different from the other bikes. A lot many seek great legs and the Fat Bike has the ability to make your leg muscles strong mainly focusing on hamstrings, quadriceps and soleus in the calf. Cycling by itself is a complete core exercise. While paddling the Fat Cycle the abdominal muscle is set in motion, making it the best workout for those abs meant to die for.

Gym trainers expose you to a number of machines meant to tone different parts of your body. Without a trainer, chances are you will be left lost and wondering what to do with all those complex machines. The fat bike on the other hand is your dedicated equipment for good arms, legs, shoulders and abs. It helps in toning your arms without having to lift heavy dumbells in the gym. Putting your body weight forward on the arms and controlling the handle in rocky terrain will give your arm the best shape. As far as the back is concerned, you can just set your posture and take your Fat Bike on an inclined uphill and your back muscle is likely to be toned the way you’d like.

A bike ride is all it takes. No gym, no trainer will help you achieve what a fat bike can.