6 Pieces of advice for going FAT!

There’s no mountain unscalable and no feat unachievable when you hop on to a Fat bike. But before you take that ambitious leap of faith, here’s a quick piece of FitTrip advice,

  1. No limits

There is possibly no limit to the kind of terrain that you can hit with the fat bike, be it on-road or off-road. Built with the sole purpose of riding on snow and sand, people are having so much fun using it as a mountain bike while other have completed triathlons. Fat bikes might just be the bikes for treading the post-apocalyptic world.

  1. No storm can stop you

Come rain, come hail, come shine you know you can handle it all when you’re on a fat bike. Fat bikes give you the liberty to ride in any weather and to tell you the truth, the stormier the weather the better the feel to ride it.

  1. Calorify

Riding a fat bike does require more effort to ride than a regular MTB and much more effort than a road bike. The wider contact patch does provide immense traction. It also takes away some agility and offers more rolling resistance. Intake of a good amount of calories is necessary before you jump on the saddle.

  1. Say goodbye to cardio in the gym

If you are the kind of person who hits the gym with the aim of losing weight and toning your muscles, we can guarantee you there could be no workout better than riding a fat bike. The fat bike gives you the opportunity to get that complete body workout in the open. In addition, it gives you the adrenaline rush of those fast rides. Get some insight from our blog on, “FitTrippin’ your way to fitness”

  1. Forget fear

With the sheer size of the fat bike, you would feel much safer riding on the roads than riding a road bike or MTB.  The massive frame of the bike will further ensure slowing down of passing vehicles, just so the passengers can have a look at your ride. The wider tyres offer you more grip, so much that you would seldom feel like you’re losing ground while sliding around corners.


  1. Get camera friendly

Yes, that’s right. There will be moments when people will click pictures, being amazed by the sheer gorgeousness of your bike. There’s no denying that there will also be times when your fat bike will command more attention than a superbike parked next to it. So, gear up for some paparazzi hounding!