Vatange those trails!

When you live in a country blessed with a beautiful landscape, any bike enthusiast is likely to carve a trail wherever their tyre lay. From the trail in your backyard to travelling more than a hundred miles to take the mountain, only a biker can tell the thrill of exploring a new trail.

We made a list of the top 3 trails from snow clad to rocky, steep slopes, on those two fat wheels, these trips are going to be the most exhilarating adventures of your lifetime.

  1. Manali: You could call this the most clichéd as also the most explored, but the fact about Manali is that no matter how many times you navigate these snow clad mountains, the chill hitting your face and the narrow paths making you grip onto your dear life, Manali will always be every adventure craving mountain bikers favourite destination.
  2. Leh: Leh makes it to every trekkers wishlist. But, the landscape and treacherous navigation, makes it a mountain bikers paradise. It is no wonder then that some mountain biking legends including René Wildhaber, Andi Wittmann, Guido Tschugg and Kelly McGarry have been here with their bikes.
  3. Munnar: There’s nothing like riding amidst tea plantations, in the lap of nature. This place is full of tea gardens and riding the man-made trails topped with natural singletracks through them is bliss for any beginner to expert rider.

What makes riding these trails an unending dream, is having a bike for a companion. Not just any other bike. For a biker, his bike becomes his lifeline. One wrong turn, one bad trip and it could all go downhill, quite literally. At such times, your bike is your only saving guide. Therefore, investing in a good bike should not be compromised on.

While FitTrip has always promoted health and fitness, our brand new addition to the family – VATANGE, sets out on a whole new adventure. It’s sturdiness, grip and effective brake systems are your perfect partner when you set out on your next mountain biking expedition.

Designed specifically to have a narrow Q factor than a Fat bike and yet manage to tackle the snowy and sandy terrains with thorough ease as well as leave its mark on the rough, demanding and treacherous mountainous terrain which test the bike and take it to its limits.

Its wider patch on the ground allows you to complete those tough terrains giving you enough confidence to take out the best in you. The light weight and rugged suspension with alloy crown and titanium finished stanchions give you an inspiring ride, no matter how hard the trails are.

Certain to be a bike for the adventurous soul, Vatange is set to soon take over the mountain biking segment. With multiple features setting it apart from the regular mountain bike, Vatange is certain to take you beyond the ordinary.

Coming soon to a store near you!

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